Friday, March 13, 2009

More about the B Bar Ranch workshop

From Doc:
The major focus of the Haying with Horses Workshop a the B Bar Ranch will be hands-on . . . haying with horses. Those participating as hands-on students will be pre-qualified to assure they have reasonable experience and skill harnessing, hitching and driving teams. By doing so, we intend to maximize the time we can actually work horses at making hay, and minimize time spent on the basics.
In addition, each day Don Yerian will spend an hour or so demonstrating his method of starting young horses in harness. We will follow the training progression of a specific horse throughout the week.

At other times in the mornings, or during challenging weather, we will focus on the equipment used for haying with horses. This will consist of discussions and demonstrations on evaluating, comparing, selecting, tuning, maintaining, repairing and rebuilding such equipment.

The majority of our time, however, will be devoted to actually making hay. Hands-on students will rotate between mowing, raking, baling, picking bales (optional) and putting bales in the barn (optional). Groups of hands-on students will assist and monitor one another, with the instructors providing close overall supervision.
There will be optional workshop related activities on some evenings, such as viewing and discussing selected instructional videos and talks on the nature and mind of the horse, horse psychology, the language of horses and how we can learn and use it to better communicate with them -- in ways they understand and that make sense to them.
We'll be posting prices sometime next week.

Click here for more photos of the haying workshop.

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