Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Montana Wildlife

Big Horn Rams at the Border Crossing

This photo was taken at the
US-Canadian  border crossing at Eureka, Montana

of 5 north bound  Big Horn Sheep 
on February 9th, 2013...just 12 miles north of where we live.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Natural Horsemanship Applied to Human Interactions

Life Lessons from Horses

Consciousness, Communication, Connection, and Community 

Doc Hammill, DVM

Perhaps no other animal in the history of man has captured the human imagination and inspired such awe as the horse. Yet this magnificent animal that has contributed muscle power for centuries of human survival, work, and development, has been for the most part misunderstood, forced, and abused.
Since antiquity in all cultures with horses certain rare humans have exhibited amazing persuasive powers and abilities with horses. More recently, this extraordinary “gift” has been revealed to be a learnable, teachable skill. It is based upon a high level of communication with horses using their own silent body language. The interactions and approaches used honor the nature of horses in general, respect and consider individual personalities and personal histories, and are consistent with natural horse herd dynamics.
Drawing on a lifetime of study and work with horses, Dr. Hammill will share insights about how humans – the ultimate predator – can employ gentle persuasion rather than coercion to remove fear, develop trust and respect, and ultimately earn a position of leadership in the minds of horses – the ultimate prey animal. Doing so in gentle, mindful, and consistent ways is the “ancient secret” to getting horses to choose to willingly cooperate with us and do as we ask, rather than intimidating, punishing, and forcing them.
From personal experience and his work with horsemanship students Dr. Hammill will share how the same gentle, persuasive, non-violent attitudes, approaches, and techniques that work such magic with horses can be subtle, yet powerful forces for increasing consciousness, improving communication, strengthening connection, and building community between humans.

Doc's Presentation is hosted by, 
Imagine Health and Wellness, Columbia Falls, Montana
information from:  Ions Community Group of Flathead Valley, Montana
Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm: Bohemian Grange Hall, Kalispell, Montana
Doug Hammill, DVM is an internationally respected authority on horses and mules, gentle/natural horsemanship, and driving and working horses in harness. Doug has been driving horses for almost 60 years and has taught horsemanship and driving for over 30 years. His life has been a quest to learn, practice and share the art of communicating and interacting with horses in gentle, persuasive, effective ways. He teaches and promotes “gentle horsemanship” through workshops, demonstrations, instructional videos, lectures, and writing.
Doug’s lifetime of studying and working with horses, combined with his equine veterinary experience give him a unique perspective on horsemanship. He has been blessed with lessons from thousands of horses, an abundance of great old-time mentors, and modern horsemanship clinicians. His commitment to gentle and effective techniques and principles, coupled with his depth of knowledge and experience make him an extraordinary instructor. One of his students recently said, “Not only does Doc have an incredible knowledge of horses, but he also possesses the gift and patience to teach it.”
Doug and his partner, Cathy Greatorex, play and work with their horses and mules, and conduct horsemanship workshops at Therriault Creek Ranch near Eureka,Montana.

Teaching People to Drive, Work & Train Horses and Mules in Harness
Workshops and Instructional Videos
Doug Hammill D.V.M. and Cathy Greatorex (Doc) (Cathy)
PO Box 1494, Eureka, Montana 59917
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Suffolk Punch Draft Horse on a Bob-sled.

Winter, our quiet time, is a time we use to keep our horses tuned up, and ready to work as instructors  in our Montana Workhorse Workshops.


We have had snow here at home since mid-December so we get to put the horses on  sleds and sleighs, and in some cases, change out the wheels (for example on the fore cart) for runners.  Here, Doc has Ann, one of our Suffolk Punch Draft horse mares on small feed sled.


This sled, is great with a small load and a single horse.

We love all seasons in Montana, and especially enjoy Montana's long snowy winters.  This time of tranquility gives us another  set of opportunities (besides the fair weather and ranch work of summer )to enjoy driving and working  with our horse partners.